Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gur and Dry Fruits laddu (gondh k laddu)

Gur and Dry Fruits laddu (gondh k laddu)

Time 4 hours
For 70 big laddu's

This laddu 's are  mainly meant for after pregnancy for mother but I can remember my mother used to make these laddu with lots of ghee and mewa in the winter, these laddus are really very healthy during winter. 


2 kg Jaggery (gur , gud)
1.5 cups of wheat flour (gehu atta)
250 gram almond (badam)
250 gram cashew (kaju)
1 cup poppy seeds (khaskhas)
150 grams dry dates(khajoor)
150 pistachio (pista)
200 grams dry coconut grated
25 grams kamarkas
150 grams pumpkin seeds (magaz)
150 grams makhane
100 grams dry ginger powder ( saunth )
50 grams nutmug powder
200 grams edible gum cristal (gondh)
150 grams chironji
1.5 kg ghee


Cut almond, cashew , dry dates and pistachio. 
Heat 2 cups of ghee in a pan (kadai).
Deep fry all the dry fruits in sequence of almond, cashew,chiranji,  dates, pistachio, makhnae and pumpkin seeds.
Roast all the other powder and poppy seeds in ghee, just be careful that nothing will not burn.
Deep fry kamarkas as well.
Grind fried gondh and kamarkas.
Fry wheat flour with ghee until flour gets golden brown.
Now heat gur in a big pan with 3 cups of ghee, when gur gets melted add all the the drfruits and masala's.
Then add flour as well and mix well, in a low heat.
If Ghee is melted properly then close the heat and then mix well, if needed you can add more ghee.
Mix properly with spatula until everything gets mix, it will take more 10 minutes.
After all get mix and mixture is cold enough to touch take a spoon of mixture in your palm and press it gently and make a round shape laddu.


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