Hello Friends .....My Morning Starts :

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner and in between these

I am running either after my 4 yrs old son or after my mom-in-law’s Son Who happens to be my hubby, I am married with a wonderful person and I love him and cooking equally. I cook for him and love to see him enjoy my creations..... !!!

and being a responsible homemaker I’m running errands…My entire day revolves around them….

But there is someone else tooooo!!! my rendezvous …. and that’s none other than my sweet little  kitchen…

Where I experiment, discover and run around some more…

I believe a woman is a born creator and cooking something makes me feel something for my tiny world…I feel like meditating…

I do have fans too :D

My Son is my biggest fan, my foodie husband and all my insane friends who can eat anything edible in the world encourage me to do bit more for my Culinary Love....My husband encouraged me to start a blog and there I start sharing stuff straight from SHIVI’s kitchen…

I’m a vegetarian, and now a days I am not using onions and garlic in my recipes, Most of the recipes are there which does not have onion garlic... Don't think that food will not be tasty without onion and garlic. I know its hard to believe but believe me food is even tasty without those things.

Hope it will be fruitful to all of you !!!



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